Your body is always working for you.

Our bodies are so intelligent that they are designed to heal themselves given the correct conditions. Our cells have the ability to not only heal but regenerate and replace themselves continuously! Remember that time you cut your finger, it bled and then eventually a scab formed and it was healed! Well that process is happening on the inside too, your body is never working against you, period.

Your body loves you and is always protecting you. Be kind to it, feed it good wholesome nutritious food. Take care of it and love it in its entirety! Eliminate the stress in your life because in doing so, you are creating the best environment for recovery.

Having a chronic illness or disease is our body’s way of telling us to stop. Stop feeding it the toxic food like substances, stop lathering it in chemicals, stop immersing it in toxic environments whether that’s people or places, just stop!

Its time to start seeing your illness as a wake-up call, its time to restore balance. Its time to start believing in your body’s innate ability to heal itself. You and only you hold the power to do that, its time to unlock that power.

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