True Healing

One of the key components to healing thyroid disease and often one that is not spoken about are the spiritual and emotional elements. Each and every one of us have our own stories, blood work, history, diagnosis and so on, however, the one commonality that we all share is our unforgiving and ruthless inner self-talk and our sensitivity to the world around us. We have to understand the connection between the mind and body, “what we think, we become.” our thoughts and emotions play a huge role in our health and so we must be mindful of this.

To truly walk the path of healing we must face past traumas/grievances in order to unlock the healing power within, otherwise healing is not possible at least not in the long term.

We must also come to understand that our self-talk, criticisms, low self-worth and sensitivity have all played a key role in our health. This is not about blaming ourselves but understanding our thought patterns, which we have most likely developed at an early age, perhaps as a coping strategy during difficult times in our life. It’s about recognising it within us and developing a healthier tool box in order to handle stressful events and situations better. It’s also about protecting our energy better from people or environments that leave us feeling drained, to do that we must learn to observe and not absorb the emotions and drama of others.  Learning to love and care for ourselves with more gentleness, kindness, patience and compassion. To say no to others more often and not feel guilty about it, is a form of self-care, begin to practice this.

In order to heal, we must see beyond the diagnosis, the physicality of it and the medication. Your illness goes beyond this, your body has been telling you NO for many years. To truly heal we must be willing to unleash the guilt, the shame, hurt and trauma within and allow it all to come pouring out, as difficult or as hard as that will be for many.

Only then can true healing begin. Be kind to yourself, love yourself and know that you are worthy, You are enough and you deserve to live your best life!

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