Healing comes from within, you are the healer.

Please don’t waste another dollar buying a quick fix supplement or product to heal your body, they don’t work. Instead, detox and nourish your body from the inside out, think fruits, vegetables and herbs. Drinking fresh water, herbal teas or homemade juices including celery juice. This is how you are going to heal, remove everything else for now and give your poor body a break, stop clogging it up with oils and fat, your liver is congested and it needs a break as does your lymphatic system, digestive and immune system.
Look around you, do you feel like you are making any real progress? If the answer is yes, carry on. If its no, stop what you are doing and commit yourself to a week of eating what I mention above and tell me how you feel at the end of it.
How do some people heal and others don’t? Some people get so caught up in their pain body that it becomes self-fulfilling, they join “support groups” full of other “pain bodies” and they get comfortable in a place where others understand them which initially is great but two years down the line and there are no notable changes, we have to ask ourselves why? Break the chains of the sick person and visualise yourself as a healthy person, see it, feel it and know it.
You can heal but you need to shake up your life starting with your cupboards get rid of the packaged processed foods and replace with natures offerings. Clear out those who hold you back in life, flip it all over and be consistent. It’s time to get tough and start loving yourself again. YOU WILL HEAL! I am speaking to you as the person that did all of the above before making the changes necessary and it’s only taken me a year to get to this point now and I am medication free after 10 years.
It’s time to reconnect to your true self, switch off the noise from others and start listening to your body. YOU ARE THE HEALER. 🦋

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