How simplifying our life and turning down the noise can be beneficial in restoring balance in the mind and body.

When I began my own journey back to wellness, I realised not long after, that in order to give myself a fighting chance I needed to take time out from life as I knew it. I needed to reconnect to myself and find out who I really was and re-assess what was important to me. I was no longer feeling fulfilled and I knew that something needed to change. Life had become a constant cycle of stress, overconsumption, materialism, comparison and perpetual striving for more. Always planning and forever chasing the next life event or “thing” yet, when it arrived a feeling of emptiness ensued every single time.

I realised that part of becoming unwell was down to the loss of connection to myself. It was time to disconnect and turn down the noise from the outside world. I was burnt out, my adrenals were out of whack and I was living life in a constant state of fight or flight. It took me fifteen years to say no more. Childhood stress and high pressured jobs meant I had developed many unhealthy coping mechanisms as a way of dealing with life, I needed to heal those parts of me in order to move on in healthier ways but also to stop it being passed onto the next generation, my two young sons.

I took 6 months out to focus on me and to aid my healing. I needed to remove myself from temptation and what no longer served me. I visited the ocean daily, watching the waves roll in brought me great comfort, joy and balance. I switched off the television and in particular the news and began reading books that fed my soul, offering me new knowledge and insight. I gave up alcohol and overhauled my lifestyle bit by bit. I said no to many social invites and yes to new interests such as yoga, meditation and hill walking. I started putting myself first and living my life in the present moment, I found happiness in the simplest of things. I realised I no longer wanted my old life or the old me back, material things no longer held great importance nor value. A shift had taken place and I welcomed it like a long lost friend.

Happiness and fulfilment came when I learned to let go. It came when I finally understood that I needed to live my life in line with who I was as a person and stay true to that. I needed to shake off lives expectations of me because it was those very expectations that had been making me sick. I no longer wanted to measure up to people’s ideals, of who they thought I should be, it no longer mattered. What did matter for the very first time was me and what I needed in order to flourish and thrive and that happened to be simplifying my daily life and switching off the background racket in order to tune into my own frequency.

Live in the simplicity of everyday life.”

Eckhart Tolle

Life is happening right now, if we don’t slow down we will miss the moments which are always now. The long, swaying grass, the rolling waves, the sunsets and sunrises! The grand and gracious mountains to be climbed and adorned and the sounds of our children’s cheerful chatter. Everything we need is right here. When we begin to follow our own true north it won’t only be happiness that will be found but more importantly inner peace.

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