Why pharmaceuticals are not the answer in finding the path back to true health reclamation.

Why does modern medicine namely pharmaceuticals fail in making chronic illness’s better?

Firstly we have to understand the reasons we got sick. When we take a look at how we have evolved over time we can see that we have been primed as a commodity. We go through an education system that grooms us for the industry as Dr Kelly Brogan explains

“We are ultrasounded in the womb regularly, birthed surgically, formula-fed, vaccinated, left by mothers who have a 3-week maternity leave, schooled into a state of near-irreversible brain-washing while being microwaved by 5g networks.
As adults, we work jobs that mean nothing and take everything and engage in relationships that could never possibly heal all of the unexamined wounds we bring to them, all while swimming in a bath of chemicals.
The true scope of our wandering from the path of right living is obscured by multi-billion- dollar industries that are invested in meeting our primary needs with superficial satisfactions.”
This is without touching on the issue of the poisons in our environment, our food, water and air. The GMO’s and processing of our “foods” and pharmaceutical exposures.

Our sensitivity (which many of us with chronic illness have.) highlights all the areas in which we are out of alignment, it’s a gift that lights the path back to health reclamation not only for ourselves but for others.
Our pain and suffering IS the sign that something is off. We are responding on a mind, body and soul level to the wrongness of our lived experiences and as such, we need to stop and listen. Our spirit is rejecting a lifestyle that prizes productivity, linear thinking, measurable achievement and relentless application of will to subdue any obstacle.
Our mind and body are very much connected. Our symptoms can be seen as representing the imbalance related to lifestyle exposures which interact with our genes, such as stress, food, sleep, chemical exposures and to our beliefs around the power we have in creating our lives.
We have to understand that synthetic drugs cannot fix the mind, body and spirit, we are not machines to be manipulated.
To heal we need to honour ourselves, to listen to our body and see our symptoms as beacons signalling when something is wrong. The body’s language of distress is called inflammation. Triggered by toxic thought patterns, toxic exposures, nutritional deficiencies, and more, inflammation is a response to perceived misalignment that recruits the hormonal, immune and neurochemical systems to participate in a new normal: an adaptation to stress.

As Dr Gabor Maté says “When you dont know how to say no, your body will say it for you.” In other words, our symptoms are our bodies telling us we are going the wrong way, it’s protecting us from further harm and suffering.

Contrary to popular belief your body is not attacking itself, it never has been it has been protecting you all this time. Your body loves you, its time to listen to it, honour it and respect it. Its time to heal and only you hold the power to do that.

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