Leaning into the pain.

For many of us instead of leaning into the pain of past experiences and dealing with the trauma, we simply shut it down, in order to numb our pain. It is ingrained in society that we should not feel, instead, we should “pull ourselves together!” “pick ourselves up!” “get over it!” and “move on!” These all add up and so too does the stress.

When this cycle continues the body becomes unbalanced and uncentered, which creates a perfect environment for disease or chronic illnesses to come into play. This coupled with environmental factors is a match made in heaven!

In order to heal others, we must first heal ourselves. In order to stop our traumas being passed from generation to generation, we must look within and face all those hurts and pains, every last one of them. Only then can we restore physical, mental and emotional heal-th and return balance to our bodies.