Reconnection to self brings reconnection to health

Reconnecting with ourselves is not something we should do but more something we must do in order to restore health in both the mind and body. The medical model that we have today is based on "reductionism" where all our issues can be explained A to B, cause, and effect, and based upon dualism, that… Continue reading Reconnection to self brings reconnection to health

Sensitivity and the Thyroid

One of the very first things my doctor informed me of was that over 90% of her patients with an autoimmune condition were highly sensitive. That comment stuck with me for a long time and encouraged me to dig a little more and do some of my own research. It turned out that I too… Continue reading Sensitivity and the Thyroid

You are what you eat.

One of the key components to healing the body is being mindful of what you put on the end of your fork. If you want to heal you have to create the correct conditions to do so. You have to get tough and you have to be consistent in order to see improvements. This is… Continue reading You are what you eat.

You can heal!

I need to tell you something that contrary to popular belief and regardless of who told you. You, my friend, can heal from your chronic illness or autoimmune disease.If I had continued to listen to what I had been told 10 years ago I would have indeed succeeded in a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see I… Continue reading You can heal!

True Healing

One of the key components to healing thyroid disease and often one that is not spoken about are the spiritual and emotional elements. Each and every one of us have our own stories, blood work, history, diagnosis and so on, however, the one commonality that we all share is our unforgiving and ruthless inner self-talk… Continue reading True Healing