Healing the inner child

I was 4 years old, sitting in my new classroom learning and discovering lots of new things. I had gently rested my head and arms on the table as the teacher read a story to the whole class. I drifted deep into my own thoughts trying to figure out how I got here? What is… Continue reading Healing the inner child

Healing comes from within, you are the healer.

Please don't waste another dollar buying a quick fix supplement or product to heal your body, they don't work. Instead, detox and nourish your body from the inside out, think fruits, vegetables and herbs. Drinking fresh water, herbal teas or homemade juices including celery juice. This is how you are going to heal, remove everything… Continue reading Healing comes from within, you are the healer.

You are what you eat.

One of the key components to healing the body is being mindful of what you put on the end of your fork. If you want to heal you have to create the correct conditions to do so. You have to get tough and you have to be consistent in order to see improvements. This is… Continue reading You are what you eat.

Your body is always working for you.

Our bodies are so intelligent that they are designed to heal themselves given the correct conditions. Our cells have the ability to not only heal but regenerate and replace themselves continuously! Remember that time you cut your finger, it bled and then eventually a scab formed and it was healed! Well that process is happening… Continue reading Your body is always working for you.